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Steve Wandro partners with attorney Bill Marler in lawsuits against Fareway and Triple-T Specialty Meats

Wandro & Associates attorney Steve Wandro has partnered with food safety attorney Bill Marler in bringing lawsuits against Fareway and Triple-T Specialty Meats after chicken salad contaminated with salmonella sickened 265 people in eight states and caused one death in Iowa. The outbreak affected people ranged in age from less than 1 year old to 89 years old and left some people with serious illnesses. Out of the 265 people affected, 94 of them were hospitalized, and some, including a gentleman who lost his large intestine as a result of consuming the contaminated meat, will be dealing with life-long consequences. Wandro & Associates continues to work on behalf of Iowans everywhere and toward the goal of holding companies responsible for the products they sell. 

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Steve Wandro helps bring family of murdered man closure with a $6.25 million dollar judgment

On March 30, 2018 Wandro & Associates attorney Steve Wandro successfully argued that the family of well-known Des Moines architect Kirk Blunck was owed $6.25 million in damages after Mr. Blunck was allegedly murdered by a local Des Moines man. Mr. Blunck, who was a beloved and well-respected figure in the Des Moines architectural community, was most well known for the renaissance of Des Moines' East Village and the revitalization of the Younkers Tea Room. His death devastated his family and disturbed the Des Moines community as a whole. Steve Wandro managed to gain some closure for the family by obtaining this significant judgment against the man who allegedly murdered Mr. Blunck. Wandro & Associates is proud to pursue justice on behalf of Iowa families everywhere. 

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Wandro & Associates brings home multi-million dollar judgment for Northeastern Iowa church

On Tuesday January 30, 2018, Attorneys Steve Wandro and Alison Kanne obtained a $2.4 million dollar judgment for Bethel Lutheran Church in Palo Alto County, Iowa. The church had been the victim of an embezzling scheme wherein over $500,000 was stolen over a period of ten years by a church volunteer, depriving the church of money it would have used ...
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Wandro & Associates wins justice for Iowa family farmers in fuel contamination lawsuit

On Friday March 16, 2018, Attorney Steve Wandro won a resounding jury verdict for Iowa family farmers whose heavy farm equipment were contaminated with alcohol-tainted diesel fuel. The father and son farmers bought fuel that was contaminated in transit and compromised multiple tractors, their combine, and other farm equipment, resulting in over $40...
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